Our Story

Some of you will know everything about us both but for many of you, you will know one of us more than the other. We hope that our wedding day brings both our worlds, families and friends together but if you’re anything like Frankie you’ll want to be prepared and know some background already.

In the Summer of 2016 we both splashed on to the dating app, Plenty of Fish. Luckily we both swiped right! Following a number of messages the first date was arranged – BOWLING! Frankie’s friend Mark immediately said he was “a keeper” and “the one” for suggesting such a fun date idea. Little did Frankie know at this point that they would be getting married 3 years later.

So the first date came and Scott turned up in his usual Summer uniform of a striped t-shirt and shorts and Frankie in a polka-dot top. It didn’t take long for the conversation to start flowing and a stubborn Frankie to offer to buy a round of drinks – luckily Scott passed the test and let her do this. It didn’t take long to realise that we had multiple mutual friends and in theory we should have met many years earlier.

2 years on and Scott proposed to Frankie on her birthday – Scott again wearing stripes and Frankie polka-dots.

We have since been planning the wedding which brings us up to the present day.

So there you have some information about how we met. Below you can see some mini-bios about us both.

Name: Scott James Thatcher

Age (at time of wedding): 28yo

Expected profession: Olly Murs look-a-like

Actual Profession: Trampoline installer

Hometown: Frimley, Surrey

Number of cousins: too many to count



Name: Frankie Helen Wray (a.k.a. Fran, Frances, Frankle – you pick)

Age (at time of wedding): 27yo

Profession: Space System Product Assurance Manager (makes sure spacecraft work)

Hometown: Darby Green, Surrey

Number of cousins: can count on one hand